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The Narcotics Anonymous Community

If you don’t know about Narcotics Anonymous then now is the time to learn. Narcotics Anonymous came about thanks to the original Alcoholics Anonymous based on a book. We really took off in the 80s around the time drug addiction came to be a more nationally recognized issue.

We are a group made up of men and women who are all former addicts. We come together daily to discuss our lives and our struggles and to support one another. That support has been proven to be quite important to keep many people from falling into a drug use relapse.

Recovery doesn’t end after rehab. Drug addicts will always be drug addicts, and it is a battle every day to stay clean. We recognize that struggle and want to provide support for those who really need it.

The only requirement to join up with Narcotics Anonymous is a desire to stop using drugs. Drugs are dangerous to physical and mental health and can ruin lives. If you want to find your life again then we are here to help you.

Stop by a meeting sometime soon and see what we are all about. We promise you won’t regret it.